Friday, 17 October 2014

Pop up Display Booths and Display Stands the Best for Exhibition Organizers

Toronto is one place where there are dozens of exhibitions and conferences always on and exhibition organizers have their hands full catering to clients. One organizer may have to set up stalls at different locations on the same day and create exhibits that are visually striking and pleasing as well. Rushed as he is for time and short-handed as well, life would be difficult were it not for equipments and accessories that make setting it all up an easy process. 

Fabric Pop Up Display Stands

Pop up display booths and fabric pop up display stands from the finest supplier of exhibition accessories and banners for exhibitions have been designed with exhibitors in mind. These booths are portable, light weight and extremely versatile in the way they can be configured and set up in a variety of different, attractive configurations. The basic structure is a frame, magnetic bars and moulded plastic trolley case. Variations available include curved panel, straight panels and panels with full height or table top height. You can get pop up booths 6 ft, 8 ft, 10 ft and even 20 ft in height with varying widths to fit into available space. The beauty of the design is that these can be folded down completely to fit inside a carry case and this booth, along with the display sands, banner stands and brochure stands all fit in the boot of a car that can be drive to site and it requires only one man to carry them and set them up in as little as one hour. Exhibition organizers boost productivity, reduce costs and increase revenues when they use these finely engineered exhibition equipments. For more information visit our website:-

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  1. Wonderfull post and amazing display system for trade show exhibition. Thanks for share.