Monday, 16 March 2015

Discover More about Popup Display Booths for Your Business

Popup Display Booths are an advertising tool specially designed to attract onlookers in a vicinity. They can also be seen at support desks and can be used to display information about products or services on sale by a firm during an exhibition. An obvious characteristic of a booth is that it is made in such a way that it catches the eye of the crowd. Competition in today’s world has forced many enterprises to adopt all possible ways of advertising in order to maximize their gains. A popup display offers a valuable opportunity for a company to get into direct interaction with its customers.
Popup Display Booths

Popup Display booths are often used in during exhibitions in conjunction with Banner Stands, Monitor stands and brochure stands. A surefire way to pull in the crowds is to set up in such a way that they complement each other and attract potential customers. To get more out of your display stands, it is highly recommended that you have a suitable number of staff on hand to attend to any people that are viewing your merchandise.
Additionally, informational booklets and pamphlets can be provided too. In this manner, any queries can be addressed directly at the desk. Evidently, brand management can be successfully done on a smaller scale using such booths.

How are they constructed?

Aluminum frames are used in the manufacture of Popup Display Booths. These frames are usually covered with digitally printed graphics on fabric or other substrates. Several color combination can be used to provide a colorful sequence or pattern that makes the booth attractive. By nature, aluminum is less dense making the whole structure light and easy to carry. A great advantage of using Popup Display Booths is that they can easily be assembled and do not take up much room. They can be collapsed and stored in hard cases which take up little space for storage. When needed they can be expanded and setup quickly, without much effort or without the need for tools.
Further, many come with a warranty for a lifetime. Make sure the material used in the construction of fabric and frames are of high quality that can stand the test of time. As such, they can be used for a long periods over countless trade shows by firms to display their products. Do not be fooled by the cheaper options which break easily and do not last.

Types of Popup Display Booths
Curved and Straight options are available as well as S shaped versions for the larger 20' spaces. They are flexible and can be combined to cover larger spaces. Lights and other accessories are available too. The surface may be covered in a Velcro receptive fabric to which posters can be attached or full graphic panels may be used. Single tension fabric graphics are another option. These can be lit up from behind to make it attractive.

The size chosen largely depends on a customer’s need and space considerations. The size available ranges from 6 feet to 20 feet with 8 feet being the most widely used type. Mega Digital Imaging offering different kinds of Popup Displays in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.


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